What are the Biggest Jackpots You May Win Online?

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The biggest jackpots that are to be won online are without a doubt those offered by progressive jackpots that can be found in many online casinos. Players can win progressive jackpots playing a variety of online casino games, but more often than not they are won by playing progressive slots, and when they payout, they can pay staggering amounts.

Most online casino games developments companies will offer a progressive network and the slots that sit on the network will be available to be played in all online casinos that use that development companies software. This creates huge prize pools and when they payout, they can pay life changing amounts to the winners. Progressive jackpots run into millions of dollars, we are talking a whole lot of money, and although it's difficult to hit them, they do payout regularly and they do make many online slots players very wealthy indeed.

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

Sounds silly, but first up make sure that you sign up to an online casino that offers a good amount of progressive slots. You'll find that when you download the casino software they will have their own section in the lobby. Many progressive jackpots will payout randomly, other require that you match certain symbols so take a few minutes and find out exactly what you need to do when you have decided which progressive slot you wish to play on. Also, check on the wagering amount required for the jackpot to be won as many will need you to be playing the maximum bet, however some will still pay a certain percentage of the jackpot if you are playing at a lower amount...always best to check this. Make sure you choose a slot that you like the look of and think that you'll have fun playing, as when hunting for the big wins it may take you a little while, and don't forget that progressive slots also have plenty of features that regular slots have such as bonus round and freespins. The most important thing is that you have fun while playing the progressive slot.