How do Progressive Slots Work?

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You will no doubt of heard about the huge progressive jackpots that can be won when playing progressive slots, but how do progressive slots work and how do those jackpots get to be so big? The same progressive jackpot slot is offered in many online casino, in fact it will be available to play on in all of the casinos that use the same casino software. For example, should a slots player in the US be playing in a casino that's powered by RTG, there will also be many other players from the US playing on the same slot, maybe in the same casino, but quite possibly in a different RTG powered casino. The progressive slot is linked to the progressive network which means that when players play it, and a tiny percentage of the amount wagered goes into the jackpot amount it builds up very quickly due to the number of players playing that slot. There are often different slots linked to the same network which builds the jackpot extremely quickly, and you will also see stand alone progressive slots, that work on the same principle but are not networked. Progressive jackpot slots work in a knock on effect, in that they are so popular because of the huge jackpots available, and the jackpots are so huge because they are so’s a little like the chicken and the egg!

Playing Progressive Jackpots Slots

There are many progressive jackpot slots to choose from and don’t forget they also have many features that are found on non progressive slots and will have their very own separate jackpot too. You find bonus round, freespins, wild symbols and scatters on progressive slots, in fact you can think of the progressive jackpot as just another feature, except this one is a very big feature! So that’s how progressive jackpots work, and there are plenty of online casinos where you may play them and enjoy the huge thrills that they offer.