What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a type of jackpot that is usually won playing on slots either in a land based casino, or more usually in an online casino. Most online slots development companies will design and develop a progressive jackpot network of slots, and this means a group of slots that are all connected together. The same progressive online slot can be found in many different online casinos that use the same software, and this means that many players are playing the same slot at the same time, all contributing to the progressive jackpot. The contributions are a tiny fraction of the cost of each spin that all go together into one huge prize pool that is the progressive jackpot. There are of course stand alone progressive slots too, however the jackpots tend to be much smaller than the huge offerings to be found on progressive jackpot networked slots. Thousands of slots players from around the world play and enjoy progressive slots as they offer the largest payouts that any casino will offer, and although it's hard to hit the big cash prize, people do win staggering amounts playing them.

Playing a Progressive Jackpot Slot

Slots that offer progressive jackpots will usually be found in their own special section of the casino lobby and there is always a large selection of them, and you'll find that progressive slots can be both three reel classic slots or five reel video slots. Each one will have the amount of the jackpot clearly visible, and you will see that amount rising very quickly, simply due to the amount of slots players playing the machine. Many progressive jackpots pay out randomly, and others will pay when a certain combination of symbols drops in, each one is different, and should you intend to play a progressive slot it's always worth checking out exactly what you will need to do to hit the big prize. It's also worth mentioning that many will only pay the jackpot when the maximum bet amount is being played, you may still hit the jackpot when playing smaller amounts, however you may only win a certain percentage of that jackpot. One thing that players often forget is that progressive jackpot slots are just like other online slots in that not only do they offer the chance to win a huge amount of cash, but they will also have the usual online slots features such as scatter symbols, wilds, freespins, bonus rounds and also their own standard jackpot. The progressive jackpot is simply another, extra feature to the slot.